Home Visits Acupuncture Service

Acupunture needle inserted in the neck Many people could benefit greatly from acupuncture but can find it difficult to access a clinic.
As well as practicing acupuncture at clinics located in both Nottingham and Derbyshire, I provide a home visits service in the Nottingham area.

Although primarily set up to provide a professional acupuncture service to people with limited mobility, I have found that many patients appreciate the benefits of a home visits service.

Many patients prefer to receive acupuncture in their homes for reasons such as:

  • Receiving treatment at times that clinics are rarely open at (I take appointments between 8am and 8.30pm)
  • Being able to relax in their own home immediately after treatment
  • Avoiding having to travel in foul weather
  • Not having access to good transport links
  • Saving time on travel
  • Being able to have a friend or relative present when treated
  • Not having to arrange cover for people they care for
  • One of the best examples of a condition that limits mobility and which responds well to acupuncture is that of arthritis with approximately 9 million people in the UK being affected.

    Acupuncture is also an effective treatment for back pain and sciatica.

    The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (http://www.nice.org.uk) states in its recent guidelines for non specific lower back pain that acupuncture is a cost effective management option compared to usual care.

    As a member of the British Acupuncture Council and having complied with inspections from the Local Authority you can be sure that in my hands acupuncture is a very safe technique. (I also have an up to date Enhanced Criminal Record Certificate).

    All of the equipment that I use for home visits is maintained to the same high standard of cleanliness that I use in clinics in line with strict health and safety guidelines:

  • Using sterile single use acupuncture needles
  • Having a sharps disposal bin for containment and removal of used needles
  • Use of anti bacterial hand wash
  • Adjustable treatment couch with washable surfaces
  • Use of disposable couch roll
  • For home visits all that is required, is enough space to safely put up a treatment couch with sufficient room to move around it, as well as a level surface for a stainless steel tray and not too many interruptions.