Nottingham Acupuncture Home Visits Service

As well as practicing acupuncture at clinics in Nottingham and Derbyshire I provide a home visits service in the Nottingham area.

Member of the British Acupuncture Council Once I started working as an acupuncturist I soon became aware of a demand for acupuncture from patients with limited mobility.

Many people could benefit greatly from acupuncture but can find it difficult to visit a clinic.
This inspired me to start a home visits service.

The main advantage of an acupuncture home visits service is that people with limited mobility can also receive acupuncture - but many busy people without mobility problems also benefit from receiving acupuncture at home.

I can offer appointments when most other clinics are closed!

Acupuncture originated in China but is becoming increasingly popular in the west. It was developed as a complete system of medicine and as such its scope is huge.

Today it is best known for treatment of pain including arthritis and back pain.

Over 80% of pain clinics in the UK use acupuncture but it is also an effective treatment for a wide variety of other conditions.