Consultations and Treatment

If you have a problem that you think acupuncture may be able to help, please contact me and I will be happy to discuss it with you…

I will endeavour to inform you as to whether your complaint is commonly treated by acupuncture and also explain what the available evidence is to show how it may benefit you.

The initial consultation takes up to 90 minutes. This involves taking a full history of the presenting problem or problems, and a physical examination if appropriate.

Many of the most commonly used acupuncture points lie below the knee or elbow so often minimal clothing adjustment is required.

If adjustment to clothing is necessary, this will be done with discretion and sensitivity. Depending on the areas to be treated towels will be provided.

It is important for me to know of any medications you are currently taking.

I need to gain a good picture of your overall health; firstly to ensure that it is safe to treat you and secondly to tailor the treatment to you.

If you are receiving treatment from a doctor then it makes sense to inform them if you have acupuncture.

It is an important principle in Chinese diagnosis that patients may present differently despite having a similar disease and conversely present similarly with a different disease.

Once enough information has been gathered to determine the nature of your problems I can propose a plan of treatment. This will include an estimate of how many treatments are required and how frequently they occur.
If your problem cannot be treated by acupuncture or I think there is a more effective therapy this will be discussed.
With your agreement acupuncture treatment can proceed.

Once needles are inserted they are usually in place for 20 minutes whilst you relax.
Subsequent treatments last 45 minutes and involve recording any changes in your condition and 20 minutes needling time.